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Jan 9, 2013, 8:26 AM

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Re: [ObviousTroll] Calling all climbers of color
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ObviousTroll wrote:
Here's your recap Hannah, all I ever did was say "calm down the guy isn't being racist," and you're over here saying I'm calling names. Ok so maybe I called the geek a geek, or said fat people are fat and dumb people are dumb. But I'd rather be called, or call those people by what they are then go all bonsai and call them a "FUCKING RACIST"

ObviousTroll wrote:
Also, what is up with the thread being titled "calling all climbers of color" and then asking specifically for black climbers? I'm not saying anything by this, except that it's goofy and odd.

ObviousTroll wrote:
camhead wrote:

Seriously, leave and don't come back until you've read the entire site.

Oh, and if Hitler-like tactics could help you learn proper spelling and use of apostrophes, I say bring on the final solution, douchebag.

Oh whoa dude, you just lost many points in my book. Your response was way out of line.

ObviousTroll wrote:
camhead wrote:
PeteF wrote:
To put it in perspective, how would an "African-American" feel if they saw the following advertisement in Sports Illustrated: Wanted, 100m sprinter for photo-shoot. MUST be caucasian, people of any color need not apply.

Yeah, that would be terrible. Especially because whites have been so oppressed after blacks colonized, captured, enslaved, and raped them all while setting up an entire world system for 300+ years that assumed black superiority and white inferiority.

Oh, wait, no, my bad, that didn't happen. STFU.

So I have a few serious question for you. Why did you object to Camhead's first statement, specifically, what do you consider way out of line?
Second question- given that Camhead was using the history of colonialism and chattel slavery as an example to highlight the heritage of oppression of people of color within the United States, why did you consider this statement to be too far? If you want to provide well documented counter examples in an attempt to disprove the existence of European and Anglo-American colonialism as well as the institution of chattel slavery, feel free to do so. Maybe check up on some holocaust denial websites for some pointers in constructing your argument.
I anxiously await your response.

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