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Re: [plamq] Has anyone been to Potrero Chico lately?
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Seriously, reach out to Ed, he can help you with your arrangements to/from airport. And he can answer any other questions you may have. He also has the latest version of the guide book (you can buy it directly from Ed).

We always do our shopping at the market on Tuesdays and Fridays. We walk down from our casita (20+ minutes) and hitch a ride back (too many bags to carry). It's really easy.

Things that you might want to bring (hard to find in Hidalgo):
Good Coffee beans
Peanut butter
Trail mix, snack bars etc
gatorade powder (or similar)

If you are inclined, I would bring sunscreen. Sunglasses and for sure a helmet. 70M rope is preferred, although you can certainly get away with a 60. 24 draws to link pitches. Otherwise 12-14 should work.

I have been going to EPC for more than 10 years, other than the first year, I have always used tap water. I do not buy bottled water anymore, I have never gotten sick.

You need your own toilet paper. When you use the facilities, you are expected to bring in your own toilet paper. Don't flush it, put it in the trash cans next to the toilet! Toilet paper is easily purchased in Hidalgo.

Other tips:
you can buy beer, soda, small snacks at the little depositos very close to the camp ground. Don't lug that stuff from Hidalgo

Down in Hidalgo you can get pollo or carne asada from road side stands. Grilled Chicken/meat, onions, peppers, tortillas, hot sauce for less than $5. Beats cooking! We often purchase a couple and leave them in the fridge. The campgrounds have great common kitchens with fridges for your use.

Ther are lots of fruits, veggies, meats and cheeses down at the market. There is also all kinds of other stuff (ranging from rat poison to sunglasses to undies for sale).

Dogs roam free in the area. For the most part they are friendly and leave you alone. With the exception of the pit bull that lives behind the green stucco fence on the way to the cliff (left side). You will notice that there are small rocks on posts on the right side of the road, before and after that particular house. Pick up one of the rocks, show the dog that you have it and it will leave you alone. That said, I have watched that dog sneak up behind a couple and take a bite. He leaves you alone if he sees that you are armed.

Watch out for cacti. Stay on the trails. You can find yourself surrounded if you are not careful.

There are lots of new routes, again, Ed will have the information on the route changes.

If it's really hot, there are plenty of areas to chase the shade (Virgin canyon, los lobos) . If it's cold, there are plenty of areas to be in the sun (mota , super mini for example). If it's windy you will have to figure out where to climb. We have always been able to climb, irrespective of the heat, cold or wind.

THere are some really cool hot springs that are pretty far away. It's a great, restorative rest day if you can organize a ride (talk to Ed). Also, you can arrange for a reasonably inexpensive massage at Posada.

Crescent Moon Buttress is a great day trip. Very fun climbing, a cool tyrolean traverse (that you have to set up, although not necessary, just fun) and a nice mellow day. More fun to get a group of climbers to head out there. We did it in 4 groups of 2, had a full day, enjoyed it very much.

Time Wave Zero is a great climb, just make sure you have the time to get it done. We linked most of our pitches, but, it still tooks us 12 hours door to door. We did it in March, 95 degrees, full sun. We were grateful to have camelbacks.

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