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Re: [climbernewbie] Is Top Rope a part of Sport Climbing?
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climbernewbie wrote:
Can someone give the breakdown of the climbing categories and which are parts of the others?

top rope and it opposite bottom up are just terms of climbing like off belay, on belay. It is just a technical terms to identify that the the rope are fixed at the top or at the bottom.

If you talk about categories, you will make a distinction between sport and trad. But they are not opposite. They are different ethic. That means that the skill you need to practice actively one or the other are different. Other ethic is bouldering and aid climbing.

To see how the categories evolve, you have to look at the evolution of climbing. From 1492, the first ascent of a mountain, to the summit of everst, all big chalenge have been done and there is not very places for eroic ascension any more.

The most difficult distinction is the one between sport and trad. Before, the leader brought his client to a small cliff to see if they can follow them on the mountain. Some was to scare and was call coward and some can follow the leader. The distinction was very sharp and those who was afraid was humiliate.

As the popularity of climbing increase, some people from the city, like paris in France, train all years long at Fontainebleau to be able to climb in the alps in their vacation. Those guy aren't coward and were very skill climber. The war between acrobat and coward still persist today. Those guy claimed that they are as good at one or the other style. The fact is that sport climber don't like to suffer for hours in the cliff as they can climb all day long. Trad climber don't like to follow a line of bolt as is it like a dog leach for them.

The results is that we find in sport very fluid climber with a very good technique and we find in trad tacticien who can bring you to the summit without previous knowledge of the route. One problem is that people make the distinction between top roping and leading very easily....but beginer don't make it between sport and trad. And sport climber place there life in danger because they don't train tactic. Notice that I am not very safe with rap at the end of a pitch in sport too. I used sport in my training for trad, but I am a trad climber.

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