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Feb 4, 2013, 5:25 PM

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Re: [Gmburns2000] Sty's Post Count Increaser
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Gmburns2000 wrote:
epoch wrote:
Gmburns2000 wrote:
epoch wrote:
Gmburns2000 wrote:
edge wrote:
edge wrote:
Gmburns2000 wrote:
donald949 wrote:
Well my weekend was somewhat less exciting. Did just a few things around the house. A little cleaning up around the garage. Still have most of the Christmas containers to put up. Only trimed back the front yard tree a little. But its got a couple big branches that really need cutting out. Problem being is that they lean out over the street. Yea the previous owner didn't plant it in a good spot. Its also pretty much dead center over the sewer line. Crazy

it's a big enough tree to potentially damage the sewer line? Crazy

Yes, because spewing shit goes against the guidelines of the SPCI...



speaking of spewing shit, have another politically motivated art idea in the works...and I'll have you know that drawing stick figures is a lot fucking harder than you might think.

Randall Munroe ( does a fantastic job at drawing stick figures. He's made a job out of it.

"My Hobby: Mispronouncing words." xkcd

yeah, everyone knows that. It's actually inspired my use of stick figures in this piece of art, which is also inspired by a song.

Anywyay, I've spent the entire day playing around with various body positions. Clapping is kind of difficult.

You need an isolated mannequin.


I have one, it's been useful today for sure.

They aren't as useful as one might think, though. At the very least the cheap ones don't bend and stick in the most ideal positions, so I've had to modify things a bit on paper.

The full-figure is about $25. The hand and foot ones are about $60 each. I'm saving up for those. I'm going to need the hand one for flamenco a variety of positions.

Yep. Uh huh.

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