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Feb 6, 2013, 7:25 AM

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DIY removable doorway hangboard mount
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Have you seen the doorway mount for your hangboard?
Have you seen the price! I figured out a DIY way to make it for $40 instead of the $130 it costs to buy it. Here ya go;

Parts list
Doorway pull-up bar from local big box store $29.95
(2) 1/2" x 4" galvanized nipples
(2) 1/2" galvanized floor flanges
(2) 1/4" x 3/4" bolt with nut? (not sure exactly what size, just grabbed bolts off my workbench that fit.)
3/4" plywood (I cut mine 30" x 18")
3/4" wood screws

Be sure to take the pull-up bar you get to the store with you to make sure the 1/2" nipples fit. You will see where below...

1. Assemble the pull up bar and screw the nipples into the flanges to make what I will call the nipple mounting bracket :) . Pop the end caps off the pull up bar tubes where the handgrips are(see photo below)

2. Insert nipple mounting brackets into tubes and drill a hole through the pull up bar and nipple mounting bracket to allow you to put a bolt through both to secure the nipple mounting bracket. Insert bolts loosely to assemble.

3. Place pull up bar system on plywood and mark where you want the plywood to mount. I placed mine 6" from the bottom of the board. Seems to work well (see final photo).

4. Screw nipple mounting brackets to plywood. (Note, you might have to remove them from the pull up bar to give room from to access screws.

5. Assemble pull up bar if removed and tighten all bolts/screws. Hang in doorway to test and add hang board and holds. Enjoy!

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