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Feb 12, 2013, 10:19 PM

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Re: [petsfed] Pirate Guiding
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petsfed wrote:
USnavy wrote:
However, there is more than just the issue of monopolies, cost and quality. There is an issue of freedom. As in, I should be free to hire whoever the hell I want. Who the hell is the government to tell me that if I want to go rock climbing I absolutely have to hire company X and I cannot hire company Y?

By and large, licensing works to guarantee that the guide company pays a cut. I pay taxes on public land. Presumably you do too. If somebody is making money off of that public land without paying for it themselves, then they are getting an REI-dividend-style discount on their taxes. That shit pisses me off. If I have to pay for it, then sure as fuck the guy who has to spend 10 times as much time out there as me has to pay for it.

I don't give a shit about insurance, safety certifications, or any of that horseshit. I think the fact that only 2 companies were allowed to guide Rainier for decades is fucked up. But if you make money off of public lands, you have to pay, whether you're guiding clients or grazing cattle.
Sure, I agree that if a land use tax exists, everyone should pay it. But creating a guiding monopoly is the most idiotic possible solution to solving that issue. It is entirely possible for the NPS to say that any company can guide in Yosemite, and every company has to pay a land use tax. But they dont do that. Instead they say that only DNC can control the public-use assets in Yosemite. How that is even legal is beyond me. I am rather surprised no one has sued the NPS over that yet.

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