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Feb 16, 2013, 9:15 AM

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Re: [csproul] What should I use?
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csproul wrote:
You and I both know climbers with years of experience that climb pretty hard that have some less than ideal habits and practices. I can personally tell you about plenty of good climbers with decades of experience that have shitty belay practices or do some things I regard as sketchy. Sure, I don't go around telling them that they're going to die, but I sure as hell speak up if I think they're going to impact MY safety. Climbing ability, mileage, and experience are important...but they are not the be-all end-all of my decision making. I like to try to make informed decisions based on available data as well as my and other's experience. It's called thinking for yourself and not just following whatever Tommy is doing on Dawn Wall. You can post all the pictures you like of how much and how hard you climb, but I'll take the opinion of someone like rgold over yours any day...someone with experience and the ability to rationally support their choices and not say it must be ok since you climb more pitches and climb harder than anyone else. You really have stooped to the same bullshit that you have accused Jay of.

BTW how is there that much sun in Squamish, especially this time of year? I thought it rained there all the time!? Hell, it's even snowing in North Carolina right now.

and tell me how one would die clipping ONE loop of a daisy any more than any other sling Wink

i dont climb harder than many people ...or even more ... but i do go out and climb as much as and as hard i can, unlike a few of these RC "experts" above

the reality is what people tell you to do on intraweb forums has little relevance on outdoor climbing

if you "listened" to people on internet forums youre going to die from such killers as ... dyneema, PASes, daisies, cross loading belay biners, dynamic belays, screamers, gri gris, the deadly autoblock, 7 kn biners, sliding X, top rope anchors on 2 good bolts, etc ...

what people go off about on RC, isnt whats even remotely likely to kill you or get you hurt

again i ask how clipping a SINGLE loop of a daisy is deadly than a PAS, or a sling ... especially a nylon daisy

the difference between me and some fun RCers ... i dont tell people that they are going to die because they dont do things my way or INSIST that my way is the ONLY way ... i DO however tell those RCers who do that they really have no relevance, and they get upset Tongue

squamish has a lot of rain ... but youll generally get at least 1-2 + days a week of dryish weather even in winter ... the hardest slabs up here get sent in winter

once its gets warmer next month ill be climbing 3+ days a week, but dont worry, theres still reception everywhere in squamish for plenty of intraweb fun at belays Angelic

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