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Feb 16, 2013, 10:11 AM

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Re: [csproul] What should I use?
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csproul wrote:
I never once said anything about clipping into a daisy. You're talking to the wrong person. You are still under the false assumption that how much you climb, how hard you climb, or how many people are doing something are the only relevant indicators of whether something is safe or not. They're important, sure, but there is nothing wrong with lab testing, theory, or just plain old reasoning and common sense. Sometimes they give us ideas that just never occurred to climbers out in the field. You may not tell others here "that they are going to die because they dont do things my way or INSIST that my way is the ONLY way", but you pretty much do something that is almost as bad. You tell people here that they're going to be just fine doing something just because everyone else is doing it, or worse yet, because Sonny Trotter does it. It's fine to offer up an argument as to why you don't agree with someones opinion, but you don't do that. So really, you're no better than most of the RC'ers that you make fun of. Or, maybe I'm just bitter that it's snowing and I'm stuck for the next couple of months with work and won't be climbing all that much.

i tell people to USE THEIR BRAINS ...

if they dont want to use daisies ... thats up to them ... if they do ... again thats up to them, which is fine if you clip one loop at a time

make a REALISTIC assessment of whats going to kill you ... it aint what everyone on the intraweb is screaming about ...

basic rapelling safety, basic belaying (which many "experienced" RCers still dont get as evidenced by the dynamic belaying threads), rock fall hazards, weather conditions, protecting leader falls properly, etc ...

these are topics that dont get too much attention on RC

and these are NOT the things you learn on a intraweb forum

you learn these from going out with someone who knows (not some intraweb top rope tough guy) and climbing as much as you can and practicing those skills OVER AND OVER again

once you climb enough youll end up in situations where not everything is black and white ... youll be totally out of gear, youll be cold tired and hungry, youll be stuck, youll have dropped shiet, youll have a rappel rope not long enough Wink

and its the SKILLS and your BRAIN which will get you through those situations

all the discussion about deadly this, deadly that, death biners, dont use an autoblock, real climbers dont use gri gris, etc ... will be totally useless then (and always)

if you climb enough, youll also climb with partners who doesnt do it your way, or the "RC do it my way or die" ... youre simply going to have to make a judgement and use yr brain ...

like i said what "climbing experts" yak about on the intrawebs forums .. and what happens every day with "safe" climbers, or any climbers, including people who have climbed more and/or longer than the intraweb experts is extreme

intraweb forums generally have no real relevance to climbing in the real world ... they are however great fun Wink

the one place to "learn" on RC is the A&I forum ... those are real life scenarios

bitter? ... just take a trip ... or move Tongue

PS ... as for "belittling" ... i belittle the belittlers generally, if you havent noticed ... the tend to get a bit mad about it Angelic

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