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Feb 16, 2013, 7:24 PM

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Re: [rgold] Spectra vs. Nylon
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rgold wrote:
Why ludicrous? No one said the climber in question was subjected to 27 kN. .

Actually Jim did make that claim, although possibly not knowingly and not directly. He said that a manufacturer recreated the incident. Clearly the manufacturer did not correctly mirror the scenario if they got 27kN. They may have partly replicated the scenario. But they did not replicate the results. Both parameters would be required to claim they properly replicated the scenario. What they probably did was use a steel weight in a scenario that did not result in the carabiners failing in the open gate position. That may be similar to the scenario at hand. But similar and exact are two very different parameters in this conversation.

You are correct that short falls on static materials can produce high loads. Everyone knows that. But everyone also knows that a steel weight is not analogous of a fleshy human in static falls.

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