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Re: [bearbreeder] What should I use?
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bearbreeder wrote:
all this was hashed out on RC before ... which of course is about all telling people to do stuff only your or my way ....

just one of the ways that youll die on RC that has no bearing on what happens in the real world Wink


I currently have a few Yates Daisies. I have been told be various
"experts" that the blowing a single 4 kN pocket on a daisy can
compromise the entire 22 kN sling itself, thus causing the failure of
the entire daisy.

Could you let me know if this is true?

Thanks for you help,


As long as you are connected in CORRECTLY to the daisy and not clipping
between loops(Death Clipping). Our daisy's will pull the pockets at 4-5kN
without damaging the structural integrity of the webbing.
The daisy still
tests over 22kN end to end. Hope this helps

John Yates

So, Yates claims their daisies are not susceptible to the failure mode that BD found. BD does not disclose what brand of daisies they found failed, so it cannot be determined whether BD observed this failure mode in Yates daisies. Thus, as usual, what point you're trying to make, if any, is unclear.

In the unlikely event that you can follow simple logic, you should easily be able to see that your argument, which amounts to the following, is ludicrous:

1. BD found that some properly clipped daisies can fail in a factor-2 fall.
2. Yates claims that their own daisies cannot.
3. Therefore, BD's findings can safely be ignored.


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