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Feb 17, 2013, 8:23 AM

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Re: [chadnsc] The Gun Porn thread
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chadnsc wrote:
Well Lena the if the officer in the picture is like any of the others I know who work in cold climates probably wearing:

Meduim to thick base layer
Bullet proof vest
Fleece lined softshell jacket

Those three in combination are very, very warm. Heck the bullet proof vest is warm to the point of being hot, even in winter.

As for the hat I can't say I'd want to be out without one but he could have one but not wearing it in an attempt to regulate is core temp because he was moving around a lot. I mean it's not like he can take off outer layers while in the field. I know a lot of officers will stuff a wool cap into the breast pocket of their outer jacket when not in use.

It doesn't look like he is wearing a soft-shell top layer. More like regular uniform fabric. But fair enough. I guess the cold weather I am thinking of is not the California cold weather.

I picture officers dressed for winter looking more like this:

or this:

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