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Feb 18, 2013, 2:46 PM

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Re: [USnavy] Think you got a pay raise this year? Think again.
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USnavy wrote:
camhead wrote:
lena_chita wrote:
USnavy wrote:
Like normal, I got a pay raise starting Jan 1 to account for increased inflation.

You should stop right there.... Not everyone gets those raises "like normal".

However, everyone did get the tax raise. In fact, some of our raised taxes are going toward paying USdouchebag's pay raise. So, STFU!
I'm sorry, would you like me to mail you a box of Kleenex so you can sob in your mother's arms? If you have a problem with it, bring it up with your boss. Everyone should get an annual raise to match inflation. But if you prefer, come take my place and get put on a waiting list to get shipped off to Afghanistan so some of the locals can use you as target practice. I would love to see how you would fair up in that situation. Do not downplay the hard work and dedication of US military's members. It is because of duckebags like me that you are free to talk shit about us. Otherwise you would be sucking Bin Laden's dick or, more likely, dead as Laden would have it.

Bullshit. It's called a free market economy. If you're not in demand typically you won't get a raise.

As for you're being deployed . . . . when was the last time you shipped out? I ask because you seem to have a great deal of time to post here.

In comparison I have a brother in law who's a Marine and since 2005 has done two tours in Iraq (nine months each) and is on his second year long deployment in Afghanistan. He can typically e-mail around five people couple times a week when deployed.

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