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Mar 1, 2013, 11:31 AM

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Re: [csproul] Top Rope anchor dynamic?
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csproul wrote:
The op said
In reply to:
top rope anchors off of natural points
no one was talking about permanent chain anchors except you. My point, which you've completely ignored, is that there plenty of things that are safe that aren't optimal. I'm sure the OP paid more for that rope than an equivalent static rope or a length of webbing, both of which would be better for the application. Aren't you the one who is always saying that there is no need to spend lots of $$ on a rope? Well here's an instance where someone likely just spent too much for something that is not even the best tool for the job. If you'd bothered to actually read the replies in this thread, you would have noticed that pretty much everyone has said the same thing you have...everyone (ok one exception) agrees that it'll be safe if s/he is mindful of a few things. Things which were pointed out by several other people before you, only you were too busy ignoring the previous advice so you could go off on your predictable rant.

and yet youre the one who brought up steel chains ... which people lower and rap off all the time ... and yes there are anchors up here which is a big honking steel chain wrapped around a gimourmous tree Wink

like i said itll work fine as long as the person KNOWS what hes doing ... like any other piece of equipment

again ... follow the basic rules
- protect the edges
- account for stretch
- have redundancy

and of course buy from REI so that you can run and take it back as soon as someone from RC tells ya to Tongue

the rope wont break, and as long as you protect it properly it wont get cut and even if it does as long as you have redundancy, you wont die


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