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Mar 2, 2013, 5:36 PM

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Re: [bearbreeder] Gumby's summer goal
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Copy Bearbreeder's post, print it out, put little check boxes in front of each paragraph, and make sure you've got every one of them checked off before you head up that route. There is a hell of a lot more to multipitch climbing, even if bolted, than to top-roping and leading routes in the gym.

Remember that all those checkboxes apply to your wife as well as to you. If anything goes wrong with you, it will be up to her to save both your asses, and from what you've said she's even less experienced than you are. At the very least she has to be absolutely competent at getting down multiple rappels by herself, in case she has to do that.

For all I know her enthusiasm and energy exceeds yours, but it is worth mentioning that you can destroy someone's interest in the sport forever by subjecting them to an epic that is beyond their abilities.

Honestly, I think the project you described would be a very long shot for most couples in the situation you've described. You are talking about going out and climbing outdoors at or near your limit for 8 pitches, with some unroped scrambling tossed in for good measure. I'd say eight pitches of low to medium fifth class would have been an ambitious but more reasonable goal, but I guess there isn't anything like that bolted in the U.S. (Check out Plaisir Climbing in Switzerland.) Edit: see my post five down.

In any case, there are always exceptions, and you guys could certainly be one of them. But if you aren't, it is not something you'll look back on fondly...

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