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Big guy, new to climbing (indoors)!
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Hi everyone, brand new to these forums and have been doing indoor rock climbing since late November 2012. As expected, I'm pretty much the only large, overweight guy in the gym I go to whenever I go. Sometimes I get intimidated by all the fit people doing the hard stuff but for the most part, I think I can carry my own weight lol.

A little bit more about me:
Male, 27, 280#/127kg, 6'0"/183cm (so yeah, obese, fat, whatever)

Possible Limitations: Flat feet, weak right shoulder from history of dislocation.

I've always been a big guy for much of my life; however, I've also been fairly active especially during high school so physical activity isn't anything really new to me--I'm just a big guy who runs real slow.

Ultimately, my goal is to lose weight and be healthier. Even though it is still overweight, I'd like to lose about 50-60# and I feel that I have finally found a physical activity that I really enjoy doing.

Current Progress:
From what I understand about the rock climbing rating system is that the ratings are subjective; however, from what I've done, the highest rating I have accomplished is a 5.9, which probably doesn't mean much since I still can't do a wall where it comes far outwards. I can do the walls that come outwards only slightly or larger angles that last for a short distance.

When I climb, I always have this lingering fear that I am going to dislocate my right shoulder if I were to slip and accidentally hold on with my right hand on a hold; however, I've learned to simply let go if I were to slip at all.

As for hand holds, those big huge ones that prevent you from making your hand into a hook are almost impossible for me lol! My heaviness just pulls me right off of it!

So now, as for advice, I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate it if anyone can give me some insight!

1. Considering Endurance: When you climb, about how many walls do you expect to attempt, whether you complete it or not? For me, before my arms get really tired, I can do a series of 4-6 5.8/5.9 walls before resorting to doing my cardio workout--is that considered to be a good amount of climbing for a day?

2. I have noticed that it is mostly my upper body (primarily arm/forearm) that gets really sore after a workout with my legs not really feeling fatigued. I mean, I know legs are much stronger but I am going to assume that perhaps I have some technique issues?

3. Because of my large size, is there anything I should avoid doing until I have lost weight? One thing I would guess would be the walls that overhang since it can cause strain the connective tissues in my hand.

4. Anyone else out there who is like me (or started out like me)? Anything you can add that I may not have thought of would be great!

5. Being flat-footed, are there any specific shoes that are geared towards that? So far, I haven't had too much of a problem with my flat feet but sometimes I feel like the shoe is a bit constricting since my feet tend to get wide when I step down. Someone actually gave me a comment that for a big guy, I was really light on my feet, which I am assuming is a good thing--twas really encouraging! :-)

That's all for now--thank you for checking out this thread!

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