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Re: [climb4free] Getting a Big Woody
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climb4free wrote:
Yes, I like that a lot. Based on having built 3 homewalls and consulted on 3 others, your bottom model looks the most valuable. Although that column feature would be very cool; it would take quite a bit of intricate construction.
Yeah, I was hesitant to take up so much of the back wall space with steep side walls, but I do get it back in the form of a cool overhanging arete that I think will be more fun than the column.

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One other thing to think about is the plywood cuts. Minimizing these is key. It looks like your 15' is divided evenly at 7.5' each wall section. Maybe consider having one at 8' and one at 7'. Then you would only have to cut 12" off of half of your panels rather than 6" off all.
We'll definitely do that, have whole sheets on the panels further from the back wall, and doing our cuts on the rear panels (since we'll have to cut those at an angle to accommodate the moderate overhang of the back wall anyways). I'm still up in the air (heh) about the roof. It seems like we should just put a roof in, and I suppose we could attach it to the ceiling joists (?), but I think it would be reserved for juggy traverses from one wall to another. I don't think I want anything too difficult on a roof that high. We have a couple of good friends who are skilled carpenters, so we should be alright in that regard.

Still looking for some insight on flooring. I think foam mattresses are the way to go, but would be happy to hear other thoughts. My boyfriend's mom is handy with a sewing machine so making covers and handles wouldn't be too hard. In addition to being able to cushion a pretty good fall, we need to be able to get it out of the way fairly easily when we're doing other projects, hauling firewood inside, and so on.

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