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Re: [NewMaineGuide] Portaledge not for climbing?
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NewMaineGuide wrote:
I am new here and am honestly not a climber. I hope this does not offend, but I thought this forum looked like it would have the most knowledgeable people on the subject of portaledges. I would really like a portaledge for camping. My wife cannot sleep on the ground and we have tried the hammock route, it works well for me, but she needs a tent... Trust me, arguing for non-tent option is not an option. A double portaledge looks to be a perfect option except for the price. I totally understand why they are expensive. If I were hanging over a cliff I would want to KNOW that everything was going to be perfect. But I am looking to be hanging about 10 inches off the ground. Is there an inexpensive alternative? Is there a place to buy used, worn, maybe needing to be patched portaledges? I am hoping for something in the 200-300 range price wise. Thank you to anyone who can give me some advice or point me in the right direction. I would like to reiterate that I will not be using this for climbing. I have the utmost respect for the bravery and daring people show by climbing but I get weak knees climbing a step ladder. Smile

Nobody is going to part with a portaledge for less than $500, even if it's been attacked by a bear and pissed on by a family of feral cats. Besides, they're not very comfortable and quite narrow (even the double ones), and your set up options are going to be quite limited, not to mention you'll have to get up in a tree to set it up - not good for your weak knees.

Can you please explain *WHY* your wife cant/wont sleep on the ground? Might help us offer better suggestions for you.

Here are a few suggestions in your price range:

Double Cot-Tent - Kinda like a portaledge, except instead of hanging it, it has a base to keep you off the ground.{keyword}

Thermarest Cot - So comfy, lightweight, packable, and can fit inside the tent you already have.
Toss on one of these:
And you have a pretty damn comfy setup that's off the ground.

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