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Re: [JStark42] Big guy, new to climbing (indoors)!
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Hey everyone! Have been continuously following this thread since I created it and finally found some time to reply. Thank you all very much for replying, I've read everything and will use it in the future for my climbing.

I'd like to give a little bit of my progress since I first posted and would like to see if anyone can help me evaluate my workout regimen and suggest tweaks to maximize the weight loss.

As a progress report since the original post:
New Weight: 265#

Instead of focusing on completing the more difficult routes (5.10a+) I have resorted to (on most days) just climbing mostly 5.6-5.8s to get more mileage while trying to complete a 5.9 towards the end as a "finale." I hope this helps build strength, technique and endurance. On some days, I just feel like really challenging myself so I do different series of 5.9s. I'm super happy to say that I finally completed this 5.9 where, for at least 50% of the height, the wall was going outwards. Suffice it to say that burnt out my arms real fast but it felt great to finish it lol.

I love rock climbing/working out so much now that it's gotten to the point that I feel weird when I give myself a day of rest. While I would like to rock climb every non-rest day, time usually doesn't permit so on my non-climbing days I go to a regular gym for cardio and machine work.


1. Because I have been climbing on a more frequent basis, I feel like the callouses on my hands, especially while climbing, are becoming somewhat painful. They feel fine right now but when I climb, I have a feeling the roughness of some of the holds and my heavy weight are contributing to a lot more friction on my hands. Should I purchase climbing gloves? And if so, should I use them permanently or alternate between bare hands and gloved hands? In addition, what is the effect, if any, of wearing gloves; for example, will it reduce the development of my hand in some way or will it make climbing easier or more difficult?

2. From my understanding, the starting position is that both your hands have to be on the starting rock (for my gym, usually surrounded by color-coded tape) and both your feet have to be off the ground. There is this particular wall where I can only use my left foot to start and my right foot has no initial hold to go on. Am I supposed to use the wall or can I just use the ground?

3. Is it considered "cheating" if I use certain features of the wall such as a crack or corner to assist me in my climbing a certain route?

4. If anyone knows: When I use an elliptical, sometimes I have a fan blowing at me, helping to keep me cool and dry. Of course, I feel like I am sweating less when there is a fan there (and I also feel less tired/out-of-breath afterwards). Does a cooler environment (elliptical w/ fan) result in me burning less calories/fat than in a warmer environment (no fan) where I am pretty much sweating like a pig?

My Diet + Exercise Routines

I am currently trying to stick to a calorie counting-based diet. I've switched around some of the foods I eat to "healthier" versions; so instead of white rice, I eat brown. I've cut out a lot of dairy products and products with gluten (because I have a feeling it might be contributing to my severe allergies). My work schedule is an early 5am-1:30p shift. I usually have two small (gluten-free) sandwiches throughout the day with raw unsalted almonds+cashews for snacks in between. I workout afterwards and then have a small 350-450 Calorie meal with brown rice. protein, and veggies (like half of a Chipotle Burrito Bowl).

It's my understanding that a diet of protein and carbs right after workout is great for rebuilding muscle after a workout.

**General Exercise Routine** (Workout 5-6x a week)

Climb Days:
1) Light Stretch Prior to Climbing
2) Climb walls until my arms are simply too fatigued to do any more; which right now is 4-6 walls.
3) Light Stretch Prior to Cardio
4) Cardio: 20-30 minutes on Elliptical (Note: I'd love to run for real but I suck at it and left flat foot experiences pain rather quickly)
5) Cooldown & Complete Stretching

Gym Days:
1) I use either machines for upper body/arms or do a kettlebell routine using a 12-pound kbell. I currently do Hasfit's 20-min KBell Workout with video here:
---On machines, I do each at 10-reps, 3-sets.
2) Light to Full Stretch
3) 25-35 minutes of Elliptical.
4) Light Stretch
Note: I do not do machines/weights if I am to visit a gym two days consecutively--I just do cardio.

Can anyone make any tweaks or suggestions to my workout routine above? Or if it needs to be overhauled, please let me know too! Basically, I want to lose weight first and focus on endurance regarding climbing.

Thank you all so much again for reading and replying! Truly appreciated!

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