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May 25, 2013, 1:33 AM

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Re: [Syd] Caution - Edelrid Mega Jul
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Syd wrote:
We trust that the manufacturer has carried out sufficient testing. Where there are dangers or limitations, there should be clear warnings, not fine print hidden in the instructions.
While this might sound as I am defending edelrid at all cost, i can not let this stand here uncommented.

It is not hidden in the fine print, it is just a part of the instructions like everything else. And its the responsibility of the user to read those (or not).

The only things shown outside of the instrucitons, on the packaging, is belaying a leader and belaying a follower. No rappeling at all. The video linked with the QR code however does show rappeling, but as first choice it shows the classic tube mode with a prusik. And at the end of the video it clearly says "read the instructions".

And in the instructions, it says that some combinations can cause problems.

So it all boils down to the question: What behaviour is within parameters and to be expected, and what is not?

I did not expect that it would be that bad, but I did expect that I do have to do some testing to find out what works and what does not. To me it was obvious that an autolocking device that is also meant to be used with thin halves is going to be at least "difficult" with fat and/or fuzzy singles. And as disucssed in this thread it indeed is. However if i use it in classic tube mode, it works perfectly.

Maybe a difference between cultures? I, as a german, deem the american labelling madness utterly ridiculous. If I buy a coffee i expect it to be hot. Its friggin coffee! I see the fact that the cup has a label that tells me "warning! hot!" as an insult of my intelligence. Its the same with all the "climbing is dangerous!" labels on a lot of gear. I know that, dont need to tell me. If the gear is something that is not 100% known to me, I will consult the manual and the internet. But that will lead to a meta discussion that has nothing to do with the device at handů


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