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Jun 16, 2013, 5:28 AM

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Re: [benjaminlh] Shoulder Injury
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benjaminlh wrote:
Sry to make you feel that way, just trying to help. I just happened to have a shoulder injury myself.

The reason to do this is to strengthen the muscles in the back connected to the shoulder. This will stabilize the natural position of your shoulder so that it wont be damaged as easily.

It worked for me. And hey, it's just advice. You can do whatever you want. Try it if you want to, otherwise go see a physiotherapist.

You didn't make me "feel" any particular way. You made a silly 80% claim for which no evidence exists, and I called you on it.

I'm glad your shoulder got better. But that good news does not make that exercise 80% effective.

I already am a PT. I wish your claim was true. My job would be greatly simplified.

Edit: seated cable rows could help correct a muscle imbalance in which the anterior muscles (Pec major/minor, Serratus anterior) are overly strong, like in a bodybuilder who benches too much. Not so much in a climber, most of whom already have strong backs from pulling and stabilizing on overhanging terrain.

Please tell me, what is the "natural position of the shoulder"?

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