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Jun 28, 2013, 1:30 PM

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iron106 wrote:
1. I think the only language your fluent in is attitude.
2. The US is a continent of North America.

Um...again, no. The US is a COUNTRY in the CONTINENT OF AMERICA (and if you want to be specific, North America, you're right, but the US is not a continent. Sorry. Need to review that 3rd grade earth sciences text book. And this is not attitude, it is a fact. Sorry.).

iron106 wrote:
3. I think you know i meant.

I'm sorry but with such sloppy grammar I'm not even sure I know what you mean at all. It is ironic that a native English speaker (as I presume you are a USian, thus, one would imagine you'd be able to speak and write English competently, but forgive me if I overestimated you) cannot even write a simple sentence properly.

iron106 wrote:
Why do they call it American football and not US football?

Beats me. Maybe you guys have a fantastic marketing machine....but what amazes me more is why you call it "football" at all, given that the ball in this game is mostly handled with one's hands.

iron106 wrote:
But I do agree most people call the US, America incorrectly and do not realize it.

Thank you. Now if people would please refrain from doing so again in future posts....

iron106 wrote:

4. I know more geography than you think.

Well, given your quote #2 above, you might imagine how someone like me would have her doubts about your claim. :)

iron106 wrote:

5. And no you can't joke that Spain does not speak real Spanish.

I didn't know you were the joke police. My apologies for choosing the subject I want to joke about. Next time I want to make a joke, I'll send you an application form, a request for a permit, signed and stamped in triplicate. Deal?

iron106 wrote:

Spanish is a Roman language.

Geezus Christ, here we go again. Spanish is a Romance language. The language spoken in Rome is Italian, and Roman dialect. In the past, the language spoken in Rome was Latin. Thus, the only Roman languages are, strictly speaking, Italian, Roman dialect, and Latin, plus whatever languages the immigrants speak and/or have spoken there in the past. While I have no doubt that there are some Spanish speakers also in Rome, that's not the first language that comes to mind when one thinks of a "Roman" language. A Romance language, on the other hand, does certainly include Spanish (as well as Italian). They are called "Romance" languages because they derive from Latin, which was the main language spoken not just in Rome, but in the greater part of the Roman Empire.

iron106 wrote:
Spanish came from Europe. The only reason they speak Spanish in central and South America is becasue the Spanish killed and raped the native people there. They came from Spain. I believe there are native variations such as Quechua in Peru, which has become an official language of Peru and Bolivia.

No, my friend. The native languages of the Americas are not "variations" of Spanish. They're entirely different languages from an entirely different family and have nothing to do with the origins of Spanish (and other Romance languages): Latin.

Also, Latin America doesn't speak Spanish because the Spaniards raped and killed people there. Latin America speaks Spanish because the Spaniards tried to "re-educate" the native inhabitants by teaching them to speak Spanish in order to communicate with them. That they raped and pillaged and destroyed oodles of things is purely incidental.

iron106 wrote:
These would be and are becoming the languages of the countries that once were under colonization.
"Are becoming"? should visit. The biggest problem for most ethnolinguistic groups in Latin America is precisely the opposite: many languages (there are over 65 of them in Mexico alone) are dying, in fact.

iron106 wrote:
6. American Spanish also has sooo many variations. There is Mexican Spanish, Puerto Rican Spanish, Guatemalan Spanish, Costa Rican Spanish,Cuban Spanish, Andean Spanish, Chilean Spanish, Peruvian Spanish, Rioplatense Spanish, etc. All Spanish, but different.

Inaccurate. There's just one "Spanish" and that's the one that is sanctioned by the Real Academia Espa&ola, the authority of the Spanish Language which as it happens is located in Spain. So there's no such thing as "Mexican Spanish" or "Guatemalan Spanish", but rather "Spanish as spoken in Mexico", or "Spanish as spoken in Guatemala". There are pronounciation and idiomatic local variations, but it is still ONE language.

iron106 wrote:
7. Another notable trend is the higher abundance of loan words taken from English in Latin America as well as words derived from English.

You mean as opposed to the countless Spanish words borrowed from French, German, Arabic, Nahuatl, and Quechua, to name a few? Or as opposed to the countless of French, German, Arabic, and even, wow, Spanish and Nahuatl words borrowed into English?

iron106 wrote:
8. I believe language is more of a history lesson than a geography lesson. So learn some history and put away the attitude.

Well, I've certainly learned a lot about your version of history from your post, no doubt. :)

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