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Jul 3, 2013, 11:10 AM

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Re: [bearbreeder] [ClimbX] Cracked hanger
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bearbreeder wrote:
Gdog42 wrote:
bearbreeder wrote:
do you own climb X shoes?

they last longer than my sportivas


Nope, but I know a guy who did. His lasted about 2 months. I used to have a pair of Mad Rock shoes for about a year; the only reason I replaced them was because I decided I needed something smaller that would be better for edging.

Which La Sportiva shoes do you have? I find it interesting that your Climb-X shoes lasted longer.

the time it last is irrelevant, its the USE that matters .. ive worn out katanas in a month climbing 10+ pitches a day 6 days a week

my climbX drifters dont have the delamination problem that MANY sportivas suffer and are well known for ...

i suggest you go climb in something before you call em cr@p

i know a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who had no real experience with ACME shoes, but he said he knew a roadrunner who had a pair but they failed ... as a consequence the roadrunner was eaten by a coyote ...

so they MUST suck


Yeah I must admit you're right about this. Isn't me who used them so that wasn't really a fair observation. Maybe who climbed more aggressive rock? Maybe he climbed more often? Maybe both? I only climbed with him one a week and I was sure that was the only day he did, but I could be wrong here.
I'll ask him next time I see him for ya. I'll post on here if I find out.

Holy crap I need a new profile picture. What the heck is thing? I don't remember; it was a while ago. Let's have a look...

....oh yeah, THAT thing. Unimpressed

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