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Jul 22, 2013, 11:25 AM

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Re: [potreroed] Why so low new posts?
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potreroed wrote:
I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that these forums have been going for a long time and most subjects have been beaten to death.

Can you come up with something new to talk about besides the fact that nobody has anything new to talk about?

See it's this mentality that urks me. All the climbing information in the world is written somewhere, in some book, or perhaps lost in some aged climbing encyclopedia. We do not need forums for info but we choose to use them because, hell: its free, its fast, and it's generally correct most times. When it isnt, a consensus let's you know. This mentality of, "we've seen it before so its old, come up with something new!" is so elitist. The question doesn't make the person dumb or illiterate. We ask old questions to have them re-tailored to our current level of knowledge and to help us better understand certain theories involved. An actor can read all the books on acting in the world but that doesn't mean he does not need an acting coach. We ask to be helped personally. Do you go online to get diagnosed for an illness, or do you see a doc? It says what you have right there, why see the doc? Because you want it tailored.

It's your mentality that continues to drive people away. There are probably 1000's of users on RC that simply do not ask questions because people like you will give them crap like, "oh, here's another revived thread."

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