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Re: My Hangboard Routine
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What is the element to the training that is progressive? IE: How do you increase the work load over the course of multiple workouts? By increasing reps, time under tension, weight???

Also, I think some of your repeaters could be tightened up. It makes sense to me to do repeaters with less time hanging and much less time not hanging. Many people do 7 seconds on and 3-4 seconds off. This is supposed to simulate climbing on a route where you get brief seconds to shake out from time to time.

Personally I think the emphasis on pullups is a little overkill. How often do you have to do a pullup on a climbing route? I think instead of the training pullups you'd be better off focusing your energy into the hypertrophy phase of the hangboard and then transitioning to campusing (which in a sense is doing what you are attempting to do with the pullups but with much more specificity).

Specificity. And progressive overload. If your training are lacking these then you are not using your time valuably.

These are just my opinions though. I am no god.

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