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Aug 2, 2013, 9:12 AM

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Re: [marc801] $40 bet - two non-locking biner anchor failure.
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marc801 wrote:
distantThunder wrote:
just checking late on this thread. not sure why it's so emotional.

I understand cracklovers set of circumstances. strange things could happen to a pair of biners if they are protruding over an edge like that.

but practically - that type of set-up is a safety violation. a TR should NEVER be set up so the biners just poke over the top of the rock. the biners should always hang loose and free - beyond the edge.

i'll leave it to people to debate the in's and out's of the argument. cracklover's scenario simply reinforces that the age-old safety standards are true - if you don't use bad set-ups with your hardware - you don't get bad results.

BTW - I always used oval biners for TR's, and generally preferred locking biners anyway. if I used the oval biners, I usually set it up as 3 biners (not two), with the middle opposed to the two outer ones. the reason for choosing oval biners is that D-biners can do slightly odd things, just like cracklover showed - they are a bit more prone to working their way inside of each other.
It's so emotional because a certain percentage of rc posters live there entire life mitigating against "what if" events, no matter how remote or unlikely the occurrence of a given event. Underlying this is the misinformed and breathtakingly naive idea that risk in rock climbing can be reduced to zero.

I didn't see any such scaredy-cat posters getting emotional in regards to this thread. The only folks who seem to be up in arms are people like you and Healyje, tilting at windmills.


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