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Aug 9, 2013, 11:14 AM

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Re: [distantThunder] Roped solo options?
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distantThunder wrote:
I looked into various options. I will be doing some solo climbing next week.

I have an old soloist. hate the thing! want one - I may give mine away. reason: the rope simply does not feed well thru the hardware. by the time you manually drag the rope thru the solist - you ask yourself "what am I doing this for?". I wonder why the designers did not ask themselves the same question.

meanwhile ... I will use the simplest system in the world. pretty much infallible. I will just set a couple of independent ropes on the route with loops tied about 8-10 feet apart. If I adjust one of the ropes, so the loops offset, I can clip in for every 4 feet that I climb upwards. so I only need two climbing cords tied into my harness with a biner on each one and I am done. independently backed up and I didn't need to spend $$$ on gear.

the main disadvantage of my primeval technique: you can't rapp down the ropes with all the loops tied into them.
the main advantage: you have to be a complete idiot to screw this up. you are always connected by one attachment to a rope at all times, and usually two.

I don't know what you're talking about. I use my Soloist all the time and it feeds just fine. Admittedly, I lead with it more than I top-rope, and the Soloist is not the most ideal TR-setup, but it feeds through just fine if you keep a weight on the rope. A Silent Partner feeds better, but it doesn't work as well if you need to just hang (take) on the rope IME. If I were using a system for top-roping, I'd invest in a pair of mini/micro-trax. I have yet to see a TR system better than that.

PS-the designers primarily designed the Soloist as a solo-lead device. At the time it came out there were few (if any options) and it was definitely one of the best available...until the Silent Partner came out. It was not primarily intended to be used as a TR device. IMO, it works well for it's intended use (leading)and works just ok for top-roping. However, there are now better systems for either leading or top-roping. I have yet to find one system that excels at both.

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