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Re: [marshallgeo5] Top Rope Anchor and Rappel
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marshallgeo5 wrote:
So I'm setting up a tr with 2 nearby bomber trees about 15 feet from the cliffs edge. I've got an 80 foot 11.2 mm static rope to set the anchor with, which I've tied around one tree with a double bowline and grapevine. I tied 2 figure 8s on bights, clipped both loops with 2 opposite opposing locking carabiners, and then took the long end of the rope and clove hitched it to a 30 foot piece of 1 inch military webbing tied around a tree with a wrap 3 pull 2. I then thread my climbing rope through the masterpoint carabiners and drop the anchor over the cliff edge. Hopefully this is all okay!

My question is, how do I then safely transfer myself to the climbing rope in order to rappel? I don't need to where I'm climbing, but it's got some not-so-steep, safe slopes that would be perfect to practice this on. I read somewhere that with leftover static rope in my anchor I could tie in with a clove hitch, but that sounds dumb and dangerous. I was thinking about incorporating an autoblock into the system but I'm not sure where to attach it and whether I should tie into the loose static rope end with a figure 8?

Thanks for any help! I've only just begun my outdoor career, but I think I'm going to be addicted

A picture would be nice because your written explanation is a little confusing to me. Did I read correctly that you clove hitch the rope to a piece of webbing? That's probably not good and the whole thing sounds very complicated.

But, if you feel the need to rap the TR line (as opposed to just walking around to the base of the cliff) I would suggest you have another piece of rope that you can tie off to the tree and rap down until you get to the master point (MP). Once you reach the MP you can anchor into it, disconnect from the first rap line, and then reconnect to the TR line to rap to the base. Presumably if you can't walk around you'll also have to climb out so this gives you a rope to climb out on (using an ascender or pulling rope up through your rap device).

I suppose the static anchor line could fulfill this purpose but it might cause you some difficulty, especially when climbing out, unless you extend your rap device/ascender.

Edit to add: I'd make sure to knot the ends of the extra rope so you don't rap off the end of it.

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