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Aug 10, 2013, 4:01 PM

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Re: [marshallgeo5] Top Rope Anchor and Rappel
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marshallgeo5 wrote:
... assuming I don't have an overhang that would make foot placement problematic, a safe technique would to be to rig the rappell with an autoblock and clip into it. Then tie a mule knot backed up with an overhand.

I wasn't suggesting an autoblock when using the mule. Seems an autoblock (edit: on the brake strand) could be hard to deal with in this option.

marshallgeo5 wrote:
You then said to "knot the rappell rope to the anchor" but unfortunately I don't really understand the reasoning for this all too well.

You had asked is it safe to tie a mule knot and overhand with only one strand of the rappel rope?

As this is the beginner forum, I was just emphasizing that if you do this on a single strand, it best not be on free-flowing strand of a top-rope set up because, when weighted, the rope would simply flow through the master point and you'd deck. Does that make sense?

marshallgeo5 wrote:
If there is a difficult overhang, I take it that it would be safer to tie a Munter hitch with excess static rope and lower down with that instead of batmanning (obviously putting a big old knot in the end of the static rope for safe measures just like I would in the climbing rope)?

For now, I'd stay away from difficult overhangs until you have more experience with intermediate challenges. Not sure I'd be trying to rig a top-rope from above and then rap down it when a difficult overhang is involved. There are many climbs out there where about the only way to rig a top rope is to first lead the climb.

Bill L

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