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Sep 4, 2013, 6:08 AM

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Re: [CallumKX] Need help Climbing the steep stuff
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this video is really helpful.

At your level I would be practicing technique on a less steep wall than a horizontal roof. I would find a 25-30 degree wall and practice drop knees, back steps, flag throughs, etc (all in the video watch it!).

I would also try to do some continuous climbing for as long as you comfortably can...say like 15-20 minutes of traversing without stopping (obviously this is going to require bigger holds and not too much overhang with places to stop and shake out while holding on the wall). While you're climbing really focus on your hips and the position of your feet relative to the wall...find what takes the most weight off your hands. This obviously only works if you're on somewhat of an overhang (vertical climbing won't really translate much to overhang climbing with these kind of skills).

When you are climbing the REALLY steep stuff like horizontal roof in your bouldering cave, you can begin to transfer some of the dropknee technology you learned from the less steep stuff...also there are toe hooks, heel hooks, heel toe cams, bicycles, etc. All need to be practiced on easier terrain (huge jugs) before you try harder holds while horizontal.

Hope this helped. Harmonious movement is a lifetime pursuit.

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