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Nov 1, 2013, 7:45 PM

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Re: [majid_sabet] EDK Destructive Testing of Different Diameter Ropes
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majid_sabet wrote:
USnavy wrote:
acorneau wrote:
majid_sabet wrote:
I am imaging myself simul-rapping with a partner, he is on 6 mm and I am on 11 mm static and rope is attached via EDK in to double chain loop on the anchor and bang, there we go , EDK pooped and my partner took 400 footer on the 6mm rope.

If I absolutely, positively had to use this setup I would use a tandem rappel (i.e. two people on one rap device) with both ropes in the rap device.
Why would you do that? This setup is extremely common among people that climb reasonably hard (AKA other than Majidoit). I have been using it for years. One person raps both strands, then the other person raps both strands. Kind of like how rapping is supposed to go, pre simul-rap era. One person at a time. None of this hauling ass to the ground with two people on one belay device, or simul-raping on the 6mm crap.

and you would rap with both strand on GG and similar devices ?

nice try

most climbers leave the knot to rest of the anchor ring (generally on the fat rope) and smaller diameter cord is to pull the big rope.
No Majidoit, most climbers dont use the 6mm as a pull strand, most rap on it. There is no reason not to rap on it. Your posts make it clear you have absolutely no idea what the 6mm is used for in the field. Trying to explain it to you would be like trying to explain how to climb A4 to a gym rat. Not that rapping with a pull strand is hard, but that you are so incredibly inexperienced there is no way I could possibly explain to you in a manner that you would comprehend.

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