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Nov 3, 2013, 7:20 AM

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Re: [USnavy] Hi--I'm the new owner--ask me anything
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USnavy wrote:
The majority of those left pre-spam era did so because they got tired of everything being an axe murdering fest or dick measuring contest. I too have grown tired of all the constant bashing, which is why I dont visit this site very often anymore.

Dude, you post almost every other day or two.
USnavy History wrote:
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And take a look at this:;sb=post_time;mh=25
That;s what you call not very often?

There seems to be this "common knowledge" that there was a massive exodus from the site before the spam flood. Does anyone have any numbers to back up this assertion? Yes, there were a few high profile departures, but an awful lot of the same names remain and still post. And assigning reasons for mass departures is even more suspect.

IOW, I just don't buy that answer.
I also agree that both turning this site into the over-moderated spray-a-thon of MP or the school-yard free-for-all of supertopo would remove a lot of the reasons why this site is a viable alternative.

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