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Nov 7, 2013, 11:12 AM

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Re: [happiegrrrl] Hi--I'm the new owner--ask me anything
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happiegrrrl wrote:
granite_grrl wrote:
There's nothing to post to on this site anymore.

Could that be because....
In reply to:
....over the last two years this place became increasingly more toxic and the "noise" generated by a few high-post count users drowned out the rest of the community and climbing content. As a result, the majority of users stopped participating.

Possible. Though what you consider noise may also be drawing in other users with tastes different than yours.

The problem may be more fundamental - why bother with The site's staying power waned. I used to look at photos, check out the route database, maybe even read the articles posted. But I go elsewhere for those things now because I get a better experience. Years ago RC was the only route database for lots of areas I was interested in. The route DB on MP probably pulls in a lot of users now. It is much broader now and easier for me to find info on, or ask a question about, a specific route. For a question the best you can do here is a regional forum. Folks often are unable to figure out how to post a thread linked to a region and just dump it in general, so good luck finding that info again with the weak search here.

On MP I can look through the comments for a specific route. Maybe my question has been covered already. If not, maybe someone answers it and the info is easily found by others. And anyone can comment on the route without having to log an ascent and add it to the notes like here (and only 5 of those are show at a time).

So I start using MP for that info. Same with news items, or pictures*, or gear reviews. I found better sites for all of those. So what is left here? What does RC excel at to keep me checking in?

* Say I want to find nice pictures from the Gunks to daydream about. I can click on the photo link from the Gunks page, or try an advanced search on a destination from the photo tab. Different results - number of photos and ordering - for each method. I don't see any way to chose the sorting (views, ratings, comments?). The thumbnails are tiny - 75x75 in case I am on dial up? The bulk of the page is text. I want to find some photos!

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