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Nov 13, 2013, 2:36 PM

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Re: [amarius] PLB/SPOT incident
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amarius wrote:
A few thoughts on the use of PLB/SPOT
Two climbers’ distress call

what incident ?

anyone thinking that PLB and spot will lead rescuer to the exact location of distress call is a fool and asking for trouble. in fact, even if you get a call from spot and plb or similar devices , it means nothing. First off, once signal from these devices go out, the over passing satellite has to pick up the signal and in many cases,several sat must fly by to get an accurate course (triangulation and pin pointing the signal) where the signal is coming from. in mountain area, the situation becomes worsen cause radio signal bounces all over and if you are at top of a peak then signal can be picked up all over the surrounding areas.

to give you a better example , let's say you are in Yosemite valley and around mid Yosemite fall trail and you turn the device on. the signal may bounces anywhere in Yosemite including half dome and somehow the stupid satellite and low IQ worker who works for one of these spot device companies told that subject is in around half dome area and you send a team to locate the subject and wasted 3 hours of hiking to rescue a person with a heart attack and then 2 hours later the next sat confirmed (with better signal) that subject is near lower Yosemite fall . in reality, do you know how Long it will take to mobilize a team to go from one side of canyon to the other side ?

if you are a mountaineer then you know the answer but if you are weekend tourist with one of these gadgets in your pocket waiting to be rescued then good luck.

they may never find you

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