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Nov 19, 2013, 5:38 PM

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Re: [happiegrrrl] Just Moved to Durango, Colorado and not Psyched...
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Honestly, what is wrong with playing it a bit reckless in regards to traveling?

I've been living this way for years now and have had the pleasure of working and living in Yosemite Valley, Bishop, Mammoth, Hueco, Joshua Tree, and many different places out East as well.

Its amazing how so many of you in the "climbing scene" don't understand the adventure in it. Its apparent the mass media and corporate world has you snowballed into thinking that we should be scared to death of coming out of our bubble; actually getting out there and doing it ourselves is what its all about. I can read tons of bullshit on the internet but there is nothing comparable to just going for it... Its the experience you twits.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but the effort and experience of being this way is freeing.

To those of you bashing us for moving around and letting the cards fall as they may, have fun with your delusions.

We explored Durango and surrounding areas all day today and can tell its the perfect outdoor paradise for us. Just because the population is over 4k and corporate america has rushed in to destroy the heart of the town, doesn't mean we can't take advantage of its landscapes... I posted the original thread because we were curious to see what else was offered in this illustrious state.

I'm perplexed at some of you for your lack of surprise that some people in this world still value having a real adventure versus being locked into a cubicle all day and believing what you're told. You're robots and I do not pity you.

To those of you that were kind in your replies, thank you! Perhaps I'll catch some of you outside having adventures of your own.

I'm guessing most of the bashing is coming from "climbers" who pull on plastic more often than getting to the real business of climbing. NO THANKS.

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