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Took climbing class
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So, since I felt I was stuck on 5A routes (5.8-5.9 for my American fellow climbers), I decided to follow a climbing class for beginners. It seems to have helped. Before the class I struggled really hard to finish a 5B (5.9) while now I can complete them with relative ease, I can finish some 5C's (5.10a) and even do some 6A's (5.10b) for about 70-80%
I especially learned to rely less on my arms and more on my legs and overall torso and back/abs muscles.

There are moments where I go back into old habits though: when I'm on a tough route and I can't really find a proper, clean way to get through, I go into "panic" mode and start muscling my way through which usually ends up with me getting exhausted and falling.
But I do have the feeling I improved.

Anyways, I often feel stability and balance is not my strongest point (coupled with my severe lack of being supple, it's a big showstopper) so is there any way, besides climbing more, to improve my balance? I understand it's mainly the core muscles, back muscles and abs that do this?

Secondly, some people are fast learners and seem to have the talent for being a good climber. Some of the guys in the class started climbing only about 4 months ago yet they're better than me to give you an example.
I seem to progress slower than those talented people... does that mean I will eventually reach a ceiling (figuratively) and stop progressing, or do I just have to keep at it and climb more?
The best way to become better at climbing is to climb a lot right?


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