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Re: [slinklater] abdominal surgery
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so in an attempt to encourage others with similiar scenarios, here was my story and healing progression. I primarily boulder, and during this time frame stuck to the gym.

so i had the surgery on October 28th and was in the hospital for 4 days following what is known as a extended right colectomy where they remove a section of your large intestine by going in through a vertical incision of about 7 inches the jogs around the belly button. the issue is that it goes right along the natural abominal line right in the middle, and there is the inner sutures the hold together the abdominal wall tissue, then the outer sutures that hold together the skin, in my case it was glued together. I was on my back for 2 weeks with little ability to roll around, lift my legs, or really use any core strength. coughing and sneezing were near impossible. at about mid-December i could start to do light leg lifts and could walk around the block but it was painful. The day before Christmas i returned to the gym and could hold onto the wall on a V0 for just a few moments (prior i was a v4-v5 climber). by new years i could climb about half way up a v0. On january 27th, almost 3 months after, i sneezed and for the first time it didn't hurt. Today, feb 19th, i just climbed my first v4 since last october and i didn't have any abdominal pain.

what did i learn? first, always have someone with you in the hospital - your care increases significantly. second, do as little as possible for 4 weeks. I went back to my desk job at 3 weeks and regreted it. third, swab the incision with hyrogen proxide everyday - once i started this habit upon surgeons suggestion it healed much more quickly. fourth, i didn't lose as much strength as i thought i would - in fact i healed a couple of nagging injuries, so don't worry it will all come back pretty quickly. fifth, falling is no issue at all - orginally i was concerned but its kind of a natural the time was able to climb high the other parts were healed enough to take the impact

I hope this is helpful for those facing similar procedures

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