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Mar 3, 2014, 5:17 AM

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Re: [richardvg03] Climbing and my dog?
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richardvg03 wrote:
marc801 wrote:
Substitute "child" for "dog" in what you wrote above and see if it still makes sense and seems reasonable.

I'm not even going to address how ridiculously stupid this sounds. YOU are what is wrong with today's society.

That was a little harsh. Marc is NOT what's wrong with today's society. He just has an opinion and voiced it. Nothing wrong with that.

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cracklover wrote:
I've seen the sweetest, most well behaved, most friendly dogs, in just this situation, and it's not pretty. It's very stressful to the dog to watch its owner disappear high up on a cliff face, and then wait for hours in a strange place, not knowing if the owner is going to fall off the cliff or come back safe.

A good dog in such a position will still behave well, but they will be very sad and increasingly anxious all day long.

I think you missed the part where I have a fifteen thousand dollar dog that is highly trained. He does not get sad and lonely. I can put him in the down position for hours and hours and he will not move. He's not a pet... he is a working dog.

Yes, there is a big difference between a pet and a working dog. If you don't mind me asking, what is his service?

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To the rest of you who are not completely apeshit stupid and understand what a dog is... Thank you for your responses. I think my dog will be just fine but I wanted to run it across the community first.

Settle down. The topic of crag dogs has come up so often that people have their own opinions and experiences with them. If you bring up climbing and dogs, you would have to know that you would get some of that.

Personally, I love dogs and love seeing them when climbing but it totally depends on the dog (and the owner). The comparison to children was off base but if you had to compare them, think about the children you have come across. Some are very well behaved and some aren't. Some parents are great, some aren't. Some parents are good who have very well behaved children but they have their misbehaving moments. C'est la vie.

It all depends.

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Good looking dog.


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