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New Climber~ Need Advice
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Apr 15, 2009, 1:12 PM
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Re: [clausti] New Climber~ Need Advice [In reply to]
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clausti wrote:
Lilymoose wrote:
I mainly was looking to see what price range i was looking at for good equipment was the reason i asked about brands. I'm a poor college kid.

I went out with the guys to Funk Rock City this past weekend after i got done hiking at the gorge with a class from EKU. And this weekend i just watched because they were doing some advanced routes, but i would like to actually get on some rocks at some point, so i want to find out about and buy some shoes and a harness as soon as possible. The guys i know who climb are all a lot more experienced than me and i worry they're going to think i'm annoying because i need so much help getting started. Everyone has to start somewhere though.

i'm going to go out on a limb here-

you will not impress a climber guy into dating you by knowing a little bit more than nothing. but there are lots of guys that will fall all over themselves to teach you whatever you want to know in hopes of snagging you, if you start out by admitting that you need help and asking honest questions.

but if that's not your angle, and you are too intimidated by the guys, go climb with women. the scene at the red river gorge has more serious, competent women climbers than almost any other place i've climbed.

sitting at the base of the crag watching the guys climb all day doesn't say "i'm serious about rock climbing." it says "i am or wish to be fucking one of these boys."


back to serious advice-

all climbing harnesses made be reputable companies (anything your local gear shop caries) is going to be adequate and safe enough to climb in if worn properly. but get one with a dedicated belay loop, aka not the BD alpine bod.

This was actually my first impression too....which is kind of worrying. I know guys are typically more guilty of specifically doing this than women, but hey, being stupid is an equal opportunity kind of thing! Everything I read from the OP screams someone trying to look pro while knowing nothing.

Someone talking themselves into being taken on a multi-pitch climb while knowing nothing is a recipe for disaster....


Apr 19, 2009, 12:27 PM
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Re: [Lilymoose] New Climber~ Need Advice [In reply to]
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I think you've already gotten a lot of good advice.

I'd add the following:

Don't just try on the harness. Actually hang in it and see how comfortable it is. And get a brand with detachable leg loops (there will be a little hook or plastic buckle thing at the back) so that you can go to the bathroom without having to take your harness off.

Buy the most comfortable pair of shoes. I started off with 5.10 Spires, which are comfy and versatile.

Maybe consider taking a course... it'd be a good way to learn some basics. clausti is right about not expecting other people to teach/mentor you but if you are lucky enough to find someone, there is a good thread on here about how to be a useful belay/second... search for it.


Apr 21, 2009, 1:06 PM
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Re: [clausti] New Climber~ Need Advice [In reply to]
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To the OP, congrats and welcome. Shoes/harness kit can range from around $100 to whatever you're willing to pay - take those buddies shopping with you, they will help...until they get distracted with all toys the climbing shop has to play with! One thing to remember though, is that dudes can sometimes forget that women can have different physical considerations, so take advice about gear, fit, comfort, etc with this in mind. Some dudes forget that womens' waists and hips fit differently into a harness.

My suggestion, as a newbie myself and recently gone through the "integration" period (still ongoing too!) with my group of climbing buddies, mostly guys. EMBRACE IT!! You are new, so wave that newbie flag! Let the people around you understand what you don't know - your safety might depend on it later! Better to be embarrassed and safe. This opens the door to learn more and can also result in a little more patience and understanding when things don't go smoothly.

If you have a positive, eager to try attitude, desire and initiative to learn, the "teachers" out there will start taking you to the awesome long as you bring up the beers! Mule duty can be a part of newbie territory - heh!

Good luck and have fun!


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