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BUY CHEAP PHONES: Nokia N93 $230, Motorola A1200 $200 !!!
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Oct 1, 2006, 9:00 AM
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BUY CHEAP PHONES: Nokia N93 $230, Motorola A1200 $200 !!!
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We deal with various types o Mobile phones, Laptops, Apple Ipods, Pocket PC, Video Games and many more, All our product
are brand new,
1. Complete accessories(Well packed and sealed in original company box)
2. Unlocked / sim free.
3. Brand new (original manufacturer) box - no copies
4. All phones have english language asdefault
5. All material (software, manual) - car chargers - home chargers - usb
data cables -holsters/belt clips - wireless headsets(bluetooth) - leather and non-leather carrying cases - batteries.

if you are interested, forward your questions and enquires to us via
email with your order and shipping details. we give 1 year warranty for every product sold out to our costumers, our product are company class 1 tested and approved by global standard organization of wireless industries, Brand new merchandise with complete accessories, extra charger and battery.serious buyers should.
Contact us on:

NEW Nokia
New Nokia n93 $230usd
New Nokia n92 $190usd
New Nokia n91 $180usd
New Nokia n90 $150usd
New Nokia n72 $150usd
New Nokia n73 $160usd
New nokia n83 $170usd
New nokia n80 $165usd
New Nokia e73 $165usd
New Nokia n70 $160usd
New Nokia E61 $150usd
New Nokia 7200 $195usd
New Nokia 9300 $190usd
New Nokia 7250i $175usd
New Nokia 8800 $220usd
New Nokia 9210i communicator $160usd
New Nokia 9500 communicator $170usd
New Nokia 9300 communicator..$200usd

NEW Samsungs
New Samsung Q1 $200
New Samsung SGH-e910 $180usd
New Samsung p850 $200usd
New Samsung d500 $140usd
New Samsung e600 $180usd
New Samsung e800 $160usd
New Samsung sgh-d410 $270usd
New Samsung sgh-e700 $150usd
New Samsung sgh-e715 $170usd
New Samsung sgh-p100 $130usd
New Samsung sgh-p400 $100usd
New Samsung SGH-Z510 $150usd
New Samsung SGH-p300 $180usd
New Samsung SGH-i300 $185usd
New Samsung sgh-p408 $240usd
New Samsung sgh-p730 $150usd
New Samsung sgh-s300m $100usd
New Samsung x450 $100usd
New Samsung SCH-i730 $130usd

NEW Motorola
New Motorola K1 $180
New Motorola Q1 $200
New Motorola pebl u6 $150usd
New Motorola a1200 $200usd
New Motorola a1010 $180usd
New Motorola a1000 $170usd
New Motorola a388c $170usd
New Motorola a760 $166usd
New Motorola a768 $170usd
New Motorola a768i $160usd
New Motorola a780 $170usd
New Motorola i860 $135usd
New Motorola Mpx 300 $150usd
New Motorola Mpx 220 $140usd
New Motorola V6 $150usd
New Motorola L7 $165usd
New Motorola e680 $200usd
New Motorola razor v3 $90usd
New Motorola v220 $170usd
New Motorola v80 with Bluetooth $260usd
New Motorola v872 $200usd

NEW Sony ericsson
New Sony Ericsson k790A $230usd
New Sony Ericsson p990 $200usd
New Sony Ericsson w900 $180usd
New Sony Ericsson Z525a $200usd
New Sony Ericsson W710i $190usd
New Sony Ericsson Z710i $200usd
New Sony Ericsson W300i $180usd
New Sony Ericsson K310 $180usd
New Sony Ericsson M600 $200usd
New Sony Ericsson j100 $240usd
New Sony ericsson k500i $130usd
New Sony Ericsson p800 $140usd
New Sony Ericsson p900 $150usd
New Sony Ericsson p910 $180usd
New Sony Ericsson z1010 $160usd
New Sony Ericsson z600 $130usd
New Sony Ericsson s700i $150usd
New Sony Ericsson s750i $180usd
New Sony Ericsson W800i $180usd

NEW Sidekick
New Sidekick 3 $150usd
New Sidekick 2 $120usd
New Pink couture sidekick 2 $155usd
New Mr. Cartoon sidekick $150usd

NEW E-ten
New ETEN G500......$200usd
New Eten M500......$180usd
New ETEN M600......$200usd

NEW Nextel
New NEXTEL I930 ...$130USD
New NEXTEL I870....$120USD
New NEXTEL I860....$100USD

NEW Treo
New The Treo 700w...$190
New The Treo 650....$140
New The Treo 700p...$190
NEW Imate
New I-mate JAM 850...$140
New I-MATE K-JAM ...$270
New i-MATE JASJAR.....$200
NEW Blackberry
New BlackBerry 8700r....$200
New Blackberry 8700c....$200
New Blackberry 8700g....$210

NEW Apple Ipod
New Apple iPod nano 4GB....$131.50us
New Apple iPod nano 2GB....$112.00us
New Apple 30 GB Video iPod....$140.50us
New Apple 60 GB Video iPod....$155.00us
New Apple 20 GB iPod : $126.00USD
New Apple 4 GB iPod Mini....$105.00USD
New Apple 6 GB iPod Mini...$114.00USD
New Apple 40 GB iPod photo....$110.00USD
New Apple 60 GB iPod photo....$130.00USD
New Apple 30 GB iPod Photo....$116.00
New Apple 512 MB iPod Shuffle MP3 Player....$94.00

Brand new Video Game
New Xbox 360 ...$200
New Psp (play station)..$145
New Ps2...$145
New Ps3...$205

New HP IPaq Pocket PC H4150 ========= $190
New Asus MyPal A716 ================= $175
New HP IPaq Pocket PC H4350 ========= $185
New Toshiba Pocket PC E405 ========== $120
New Sony Clie PEG-TH55 ============== $155
New Toshiba Pocket PC E800 ========== $220
New PalmOne Zire 72================== $120
New PalmOne Tungsten E ============== $90
New PalmOne Tungsten C ============== $140
New PalmOne Zire 31 ================= $65
New palm Treo 650=====================$240

New SONY VAIO A217S 100GB512MB RAM XP HOME.........$500
New SONY VAIO B1VP 40GB HD 512MB RAM XP PRO..........$430
New SONY VAIO T370P/L 60GB HD 512MB RAM XP........$400
New SONY VAIO A417M 80GB HD 512MB RAM XP..........$650
New Dell Laptop 1100BX7ZT21...$450
New Dell Latitude C640 2.0GHz, 512MB, 40GB...$500
New Dell Inspiron Model 8500 Laptop..$400
New Dell Latitude D810...$900
New Dell Inspiron 6000 Notebook Computer..$600
New Dell Laptop,Wireless,Intel M,60GB HD,CD/DVD, XP,Pro...$560
New Toshiba Laptop P4M 1.8GHz 512MB 60GB CDRW/DVD GF4 WiFi ... $400
New Toshiba M45-S359 Laptop Computer (Refurbished)..$450
New Toshiba Satellite M45S359...$400
New Toshiba Satellite M105-S3001...$400
New Toshiba G25-AV513 Qosmio Laptop Computer (Refurbished)...$600

We sell in Bulk order, and in GOOD Discount prices,We make shipment through fedEx courier services and UPS, and they deliver within 2-3days home delivery,

The Management.


Oct 1, 2006, 9:02 AM
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Registered: Aug 4, 2002
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Re: BUY CHEAP PHONES: Nokia N93 $230, Motorola A1200 $200 !! [In reply to]
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keep this crap off of this website!!!

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