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****PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING - The Beginner Forum FAQ**** (02.24.09)
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Feb 20, 2008, 6:02 PM
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****PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING - The Beginner Forum FAQ**** (02.24.09)
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Welcome to the Beginners forum.

If you haven't done so, be sure to check out The Dead Horse Graveyard. It's the official FAQ for and is well worth the read.

In order to mitigate the over redundancy of topics we here at have put together a userís guide to help alleviate the stresses involved with that ever important first question you may have. The first thing you may notice is that our forums are separated by climbing topic. This is done to help organize topics into the various facets that make up the climbing culture. Please take a moment to decide where best to post your topic. You may notice that several forums have FAQs or Notices pertaining to what specifically goes in them and I encourage you to read them as they pertain specifically to that forum. Not doing so may end up with your post moved, locked, or deleted.


This FAQ is about climbing. For help/FAQs on the use of or its forums, check out our Help Section. This will be a work in progress, so be sure to check back and check back often for the most recent updates as to what is going on around here. Please feel free to post in here or PM any moderator if you want to suggest an update to this FAQ.

Now for the Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. How can I find (fill in the blank)?
A. You would be surprised at the resources available on this website. For introductory climbing questions you may find yourself looking at an article about starting climbing. You may find yourself in need of a Gear Review. Or you may need to find some of the ways that people like you Train to become better, efficient climbers.

Q. How safe is climbing equipment?
A. This link will take you to the UIAA Safety Labels and Standards. The UIAA Safety Standards are used by many of the biggest manufacturers of climbing and mountaineering equipment. They are the standard for which all climbing equipment is tested. The UIAA standard is recognized by climbers all over the world as being the benchmark for which all climbing gear is rated to. Our resident Lab proctor can answer this in further detail.

Q. How can I find more about climbing shoes?
A. Youíre in luck in this department. Not only do we offer a full review of shoes in our Gear section we have ample threads that discuss shoes. Some of the better ones are as follows (donít be afraid to post to them either):
  • What kind of shoes do you normally wear?
  • What shoes to buy?
  • Q. Why?
    A. Because

    Q. What is Fall Factor?

    Q. How do you Calculate Force in the Climbing System?

    Q. What gear do I need to start climbing?
    A. You can find several threads about this HERE.

    Q. What gear should I buy for a starter rack?
    A. There are threads that answer this HERE.

    When referring to your location within the United States, please use this as a reference.

    You can learn a bit from A Training Guide For No0bs

    The following are subjects that have been covered almost to death and we ask that you try out the search function. You are bound to find what you are looking for and more.

    Q. How tight should my shoes fit?

    Q. What are the different disciplines of climbing?

    Q. Is climbing safe?

    Some more to think about.

    Feel free to post to this thread with your suggestions for updating or changing these FAQs. Once sufficient consensus exists to incorporate (or reject) your suggestion, will make the changes to the FAQs as needed, and delete your suggestion post with its replies again from the thread to keep things clean. Note: This is not a regular discussion thread, so all off-topic posts will be deleted summarily. Note also that all mods have the ability to edit this post and will do so as needed. We will also attribute (as much as is possible) those suggestions which are incorporated within this post.

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    Nov 30, 2008, 8:10 PM
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    Re: [epoch] ****PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING**** (11.30.08) [In reply to]
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    Q.How do I post an image?
    A.You'll need to do one of three things.
      (1)Submit your image to the photo gallery here on via the Submit a Photo link under our Photos section.
      (2)Host a photo elsewhere on the web ~ Photobucket, Flickr, Imageshack, Snapfish, etc.
      (3)Upload it for inline use in an individual post.


      Either you will have to post the host address of the photo {{Right click on the photo and select "Properties." You should see an 'Address (URL):' label. You'll want to highlight and copy the information following it.}} and place it between brackets as such -

      Or if you chose to post it inline by uploading it directly to your post you will need to get the photo name that went with your post {{It's found next to the attachment block of your post.}} and add it to a bracket box as such -
      [inline yourpicturename.jpg]

    Q.How do I link to other sites in my post?
    A.Copy the site location from your address bar and place it between brackets as such -
    [url][/url] will give you It's that easy!

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    Feb 3, 2009, 10:37 PM
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    Re: [epoch] ****PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING**** (11.30.08) [In reply to]
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    How about mentioning something the usefulness of ctrl+f to quickly search through the FAQ? This will be especially useful once the FAQ gets to be a good size.

    Also, I tried to see if there was a way to use the search function specifically for a thread, but I couldn't find such a way. Even though it wouldn't be able to bring the user to the exact spot, it would still highlight searched terms in the FAQ. Perhaps something to think about when updating the search.

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