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shooting climbing video--lighting and sound
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Feb 22, 2008, 6:33 AM
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shooting climbing video--lighting and sound
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alright, so i did a heavy perusal of the forums for tips on shooting climbing videos. (the first was don't shoot video, use film, but that's probably not an option. it's gonna be digital, please bear with me.)

anyway, i have very little experience shooting any kind of footage, so again, sorry if these questions are overly elementary.

i was wondering what you do about lighting and sound in the case of climbing videos.

for example, if you're filming in a shallow cave or something, do you accept the bad lighting? do you just not film that? do you attempt to drag lanterns/spotlights/etc. to the climbing site?

what about sound? presumably it's nice to actually hear the climber/belayer/spotter sometimes (like when they let out a primal grunt or shout encouragement, etc.) does the onboard mic usually do it? do you need to use a better mic? does it matter? would it be better to not hear those things?

any other tips you'd care to send my way would be greatly appreciated. (for example, did i miss something even more elementary and jump two steps ahead to lighting and sound without first addressing a more basic question.)


Feb 22, 2008, 1:31 PM
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Re: [colatownkid] shooting climbing video--lighting and sound [In reply to]
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this is what i've noticed from good videos and bad videos. haven't done a lot of video work and the stuff I have done was all by me so I didn't set up extra lights or mics, but if you want the best get some buddies and make it happen.

first off lighting video is pretty crazy. you need a continuous light source which usually has to be powered by extension cords or generators. takes some people to carry that shit.

the on camera mic will work up to a certain feet away. the best idea is to get a shot gun mic and a boom stick and hold it above whoever is talking of course making sure it is outta the shot. make sure to give whoever is holding the mic some good headphones. not the kind that come with ipods, but some that cover the ears and then make sure the adio levels are decent. i forgot what decibal levels are the max and min, but if you have shitty audio then you have shitty audio for the whole film. its harder to fix audio than exposure so google some video forums and figure that out.

if i were you i'd film stuff in available light and make it consistent. what i mean by this is shoot all in openshade or full sun. don't have a climber climb a shaded area and then come into a full sun scene b/c the auto exposure will mess up and look bad.

also while shooting, make sure you get the send because it may only hapen once. then go back and get your cut in shots and all of the close ups of the hand moves, facial expression and all that good stuff. its also easier on the climber for them to climb once and then stage certain sections of the climb. another shooter helps with this and increases your chance of getting everything the first time.

google filming forums and you will get a better idea of what to use and do. good luck

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