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climbers a sailor needs your help
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Jun 1, 2013, 9:30 AM
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climbers a sailor needs your help
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Hi all, I am not a climber in the traditional sense but I am a sailor and, therefore, an accidental climber by virtue of having to get to the top of the mast from time to time to deal with gear failure, replacement, maintenance, etc.

I am also a singlehander so I do not have assistance in many cases. I also must ensure I stay on the boat so I use some equipment that will be familiar to climbers such as jacklines, safety tethers and harnesses.

I have a few questions related to technique/equipment which you experts may be able to help with,

First. I have purchased a spool of 2 inch nylon webbing fro a climbing equipment supplier. I currently have jacklines (1 inch nylon tube webbing) rigged bow to stern to provide a running anchor point for my safety tether. This works fine as I traverse forward and aft on deck but is not satisfactory when I must get on the cabin top and access the mainsail headboard/halyard. Currently I must unhook my tether from the jackline and wrap it around the mast and hook the tether to itself. This leaves me unprotected during a hairy transition, especially in a seaway. What I want to do is put a few wraps of the 2 inch webbing around the mast and integrate a carabiner or ring port and starboard so that I have access to a safe accessible clip on point both sides of the mast. My question is do any of you have a good technique for rigging such a safety? My concern is that I wont be able to cinch the webbing tight enough to stay in place esp when it gets wet. I need a rigging approach that will allow me to get a good tight wrap that stays tight or can be tightened easily. One final important point.My mast is a freestanding carbon fiber spar so it is round and smooth about 10 inch diameter where I want to place the webbing.

second: When I am climbing the mast I use a rig called a topclimber which is basically two ascenders one rigged to foot straps the other to a harness -very familiar rig to you guys. The static line is my mainsail halyard. Unfortunately I do not have a second halyard as a safety line and I am considering using a klemheist in a webbing loop on the mast as a safety as I ascend the round spar. I wonder if any of you have thoughts on this? Perhaps there is a better, safer way? Best choice would be to install a second halyard but that is not an option.

Sorry about the long post. Hope someone can provide some feedback.

Thanks Much
Mike Cunningham
Freedom 30 #3
San Francisco, Ca

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Jun 1, 2013, 10:06 AM
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Re: [wmcunninghamii] climbers a sailor needs your help [In reply to]
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None of your problems are ones climbers have to address. It is plausible that the aborists know more about this sort of thing. I'll give some advice nonetheless.

(1) Getting a sling tight on the mast: Your best bet is a constrictor hitch You might want two such knots in series.

No matter what, you have to expect loosening over time and remember to tighten it up periodically. Also, the combination of salt water and sun will cause sling to deteriorate relatively quickly. I doubt you'd want to keep the same thing in place for more than a year.

(2) Kleimheist on the mast. Carbon is pretty slippery. I'd use a prussik. You'd have to experiment with the number of wraps to get something that you can move up but will grip if loaded.

Remember that you can also clip loops in your ascending line to your harness as you ascend, which will limit the distance you can fall if your ascenders slip or pop off the rope. This does not, of course, protect against the halyard line itself breaking, but it does protect against various user errors and equipment malfunctions.

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