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Help me, I need to get back in shape!!!
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Feb 19, 2002, 11:56 PM
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Help me, I need to get back in shape!!!
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buy a hangboard dude. i bought one, and its been keeping my fingers, forearms, and tendons all in great shape. if u cant, well, running, sit ups, etc, all that works good, same with the gym (weights and climbing). hope thats some help. cheers


Feb 20, 2002, 1:44 AM
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Registered: Feb 18, 2002
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Help me, I need to get back in shape!!! [In reply to]
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BUY a hangboard? He SAID he was a student!

Do this: 2x10, 2x12 lumber comes in pieces up to 20 feet long. Scrounge the longest piece you can find. HINT: concrete guys use a board until it's warped and twisted and useless for forming straight walls; they'll give it to you for free.

THE HOLDS: almost anything goes. 2x2 makes a nice jug. 1x2 makes a stiff hold. 2x4 works great. You get the idea. Screw (don't nail) the holds to the board about every 9 inches. You'll probably have to drill the holds so the screws don't split them. You won''t have to drill the 2x10. What if you find something weird in your garage? Screw it on. Flat ledge holds are boring after a while. Try drilling an old golf ball and screwing that on with a 1/4" lag screw (you'll have to pre-drill the board at 3/16" to get that one in. REMEMBER: all good climbers drill)

THE TREE: find a tree you can mount your board to. For early training, mount it at about 85 degrees (just less than vert). As you get stronger, remount it to 100 (overhang). You'll want the top stable, so the board can't twist around.

THE WORKOUT: at first, go up the board like it was a ladder, using hands and feet. Then, go for the GOLD: go up with your feet sliding along the sides of the board doing one-arm pullups from hold to hold (that's why you place them at 9"). When you get better, try skipping a hold. Or remount a series of five or seven so that some are further apart (take one or two out). When the

THE OLD ROPE TRICK: if you have an old climbing rope, you can make a rope ladder with SCH 40 PVC pipe for rungs. Cut the pipe to about 12", and drill 1/2" holes for your old 11 mil. Tie a figure-8 knot at the middle of the rope, then thread a rung all the way up. Tie two overhand knots about 2' down, adjusting them so they're even. Tighten. Thread another rung on, and tie the next two knots so they're about 10" below the first rung. And so forth. When you've installed enough rungs for your ladder to reach from the mounting point to a couple of feet above the ground, tie an overhand (figure-8?) in the two rope strands. Hang the ladder from your tree, and tie the bottom off so it hangs at a SMALL angle from vertical (pound a beefy stake into the ground; the concrete guys might give you a 3/4" by 2' stake when you get the 2x10....)

THE TRICK TO USING THE OLD ROPE TRICK: try going up the ladder on UPHILL side. This will take enormous balance, and will swing you around to the bottom side when you first try it. It's alot like slacklining. This will get your Balance Head in shape. When you've had enough of that, just go up the underside of the ladder as an overhanging arm workout (feet are OK at first, then drop them out into space.

ALSO: do pull-ups on your house's door jambs. This will tweak your finger muscles hardcore. A 1/2" doorjamb is almost impossible to hang onto. I do it all the time, though, because I've been doing it for a long time.

Look for that hand crack between two buildings on campus, or downtown. This is a cheap way to work out for the Yosemite granite.

And keep up the good work.

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