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Have a close look at the inserts before you buy it 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: qwert, 2011-01-28

The inner helmet is more or less a standard styrofoam helmet, with all the pros and cons that go with it. However the top seems to be rather thick, so that make might make it better for top impacts, but it also adds a bit of bulk, which - at least for me - is no problem.
It fits me quite good, however it interferes a bit with my glasses, or to be more correct with the "arms" (sp?) of it, since they are straight (Oakley "sports glasses").
The second, alpine, shield is a good idea - at least in theory, and i hope i never have to test it in practice.
However there are three issues:
The headlamp clips become more recessed. Not an issue if you put the headlamp on before you need it, but trying to get it on in the dark, while wearing gloves might be a challenge.
Most vents get blocked. Not an issue or actually a benefit for colder stuff (ice/alpine), but for summer alpine, or trad multipitch your head will get warmer.
At least on mine, the inserst for the screws are a bit misplaced! The alpine shield is thus hard to screw on, and ends up sitting weird on the helmet. On one side i have lots of room between the shield and the helmet, whereas on the other side it touches the helmet, and two of the screws are quite tensioned. Looks stupid, and i will probably wreck the inserts faster than i want to :(
If you want to get this helmet, make sure that the inserts are placed right!

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