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Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: scotty1974, 2006-05-30

I'm giving this 5 biners not because it is the best but the overall quality rounds it out. First off is the price. It goes for around 3 or so bills but I picked my up for about $150. For a four season that is great, especially compared to the big named companies that charge 5-6 hundred for a tent. Ed vistuers I'm not. Next the weight. I read different numbers but basically it comes in around 5 1/2-6 1/2 lbs. Again for a four season tent that is perfect. Light enough to carry yourself (mostly) or spit up with your partner. On the size tip, there was plenly of vertical room in the tent, but the width was rather narrow. This is were the weight loss comes in I guess. I'd rather have it slightly tight and save a pound. If you roll solo, plenly of room for you and your pack. I set it up the first time in the dark, and the instructions were printed on the bag, which means I'll never lose them. The design was different from what I was use to, but it set up quick, ventilated well and was quite strong. Eureka is a great brand, and I found nothing but excellent reviews on every website that I went researching thins tent. If you want a lightweight, top notch 4 season tent and want to even save money...this is the tent...

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