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Great for trad, ice and long sport 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: climbingaggie03, 2007-12-12

This is my fifth harness and my favorite. I have the focus speed with the speed buckles which are great. The harness is comfortable for sitting in and I've climbed up to 15 pitches in a day with it and never got tired of sitting in it. I really like having 2 buckles up front. One of my gripes about my other harnesses is that when I wear a couple of layers under my harness, it puts my right gear loops farther back, with 2 buckles that isn't an issue. Normally I leave one side buckle in the same position, and loosen/tighten the other to get the harness on and off.

It has droppable leg loops, a rear haul loop, and adjustable leg loops, all the things that help make a harness fit right and be versatile, but one of the main things that helped me decide on this harness is the gear loops. I rack on my harness and need big traditional gear loops, I'm not a fan of the molded gear loops that alot of harnesses have these days.

This harness is a bit bulky and heavy, If i'm just going to be doing single pitch sport climbing or gym climbing I'll take a sport climbing harness. Also it doesn't have the feature of the blizzard that allows you to attach ice clippers to the waist belt. I don't feel like it weighs me down or makes it harder to move it's just more harness than you need, although I have climbed with it in the gym a few times and have no complaints.

I also have found the speed buckles a bit annoying during the winter when I am wearing boots and or crampons I normally would unthread the buckle instead of stepping through, but that's not an option with the speed buckles.

All in all though I love this harness, I paid $63 which is the most I've ever paid for a harness, up until this point i'd never paid over $35 for a harness, but this harness is well worth it. It's comfortable, functional, versatile, and shows every indication of being durable.

Focus Speed 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: jermanimal, 2007-11-11

Very solid first harness. Like the loops vs the molded style. Very large adjustability and kind of heavy. But comfy and easy to get on fast...speed buckles have been great...althought the extra strap could be managed better.

Black Diamond Focus AL Harness 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: Borjaq, 2007-09-11

Very comfortable. Easy to reach gear loops and great padding. Leg openings were a bit larger than expected.

Focus Speed not AL 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: eshep7199, 2007-04-06

I have the Focus Speed harness not AL and love it it is about $18 dollars more but worth it. It has more gear loops,padding,and overall no double backing! I would recommend it to anyone.

Unusable 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: glahhg, 2007-03-30

There is no way to attach a BD ice clipper. The rear gear loops are too far back and are hard to see and very awkward to reach.

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