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ok 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: caughtinside, 2007-07-02

These are nice sandals, but I recently got hooked up with a pair of Chaco Z2's and the chacos are better in nearly every way:
rubber--stealth on the chacos is noticeably better than the stuff on the Keens, which wasn't that great. Weight-- keens are much heavier. Breatheability--keens are much cooler. Clipability--both clip to a harness ok, but the chacos are less bulky and hang better. Stink--the keens stink more. dirty feet--tie. My sweaty feet get dirty on dusty approaches in either. Not a big deal, I just wipe on my pant leg or calf. Comfort--both are nice and have good arch support, but I'd give the nod to chaco because my feet stay cooler, and it is easier to dislodge the inevitable rock that works into a sandal.

not for sciatic injuries 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: DLMeiresonne, 2007-07-01

Got a work discount. I've taken these hiking, fishing, to Chicago, in water and on rock. They hold up like no other. Only downer is I have severe sciatica; because the shoe is so heavy in the sole it puts pressure on the top of my foot, right on that nerve.

Used to sell these types of shoes. Keen has made many varities of this since then, but this is still their best seller. Orginally made for sailors, the toe is uber protected against dropping things, the Vibram sole is inflammable and waterproof (duh). A razor is taken to the bottom to make fine seams, allowing for water to seap into the cracks. This provides for greater traction control. No slipping, really, I've walked over underwater rocks covered in algae with no problem in these.

Also, Vibram is a very durable type of rubber that also rocks your weight slighty to your front foot. Therefore, you use less energy when you walk. it's a heavy shoe, yes, but not when you're walking and if you're injury free. Good arch support.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: comet, 2005-05-24

i've had these for a year, and love them--the closed toe is great on approach and especially descents, they're pretty sticky, smear well, and are light on a harness with convenient heel loops. despite the "anti-stink" footbed, these still start to reek, though, and i don't normally have the smelliest of feet.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: mgoodro, 2005-04-03

I switched to these as an approach/belay shoe from a pair of open toe Merrels. In spite of a less burly tread they stick to rock better than any sandal I have worn. I've even climbed in them (not great for edging, but they'll walk up rock in a lieback.) The closed toe is added security for rap and belay. Grippy when wet and fast drying, they are also great for canyoneering. They are easy to get in and out of making them great for the climbing shoe to belay shoe swap. I've heard of the back tab ripping off, but after four months of yanking them on and off, as well as hanging them on a biner, the tab is still holding out. They go longer without funk and machine washing acts as a reset button for stink.

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