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Aether 85 Backpack - 5000-5400 cu in

Aether 85 Backpack - 5000-5400 cu in Average Rating = 5.00/5 by Osprey

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Very well made pack 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: JupitersCock, 2013-01-22

Love this pack. have used mine for about 3 years and it doesn't show any real signs of wear or tear, and I am not easy on it. It's big enough to hold all your gear on those long backpacking trips. I have always found it to be pretty comfortable, however I have ultra light gear so the most that mine has ever weighted is about 30-35pounds. the one shown is different than the newer ones. the new ones have 3 back compression straps, trekking pole holder, and the colors are different now. I got the blue one and fyi its not as bright of a blue as what's shown at campsaver and other online sellers.