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Rocky Mountain Resole (Manufacturer link) Average Rating = 2.00/5 Average Rating : 2.00/5

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Very disappointed 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: Ricktreks, 2013-03-22

I own a pair of Kayland Zephyrs, they're my favorites. The soles died out, but the uppers were still in great shape, so I thought it would be a shame to throw them away. I looked up resoling services and contacted Rocky Mountain Resole. Not having done this before, my concern was that the boots would lose their shape and most importantly, their comfortable fit. RMR reassured me that "The first thing we do is place a last in the boots. This keeps there shape and size".

So I decided to take the plunge, but I live in Latin America so shipping was going to require creativity. A friend of mind who's going to college in the US agreed to take the boots with her and send them to RMR. The boots were supposed to be ready in time for her return home over Christmas. RMR sent them to Elon, NC instead of Elon University Campus, as the instructions clearly stated. Thus my friend came home empty-handed while the boots sat in some remote post office in NC. It took a lot of phone calls and frustration in the ensuing months. The boots made back to RMR. Then I asked them to send them to a freight forwarder in FL, which is an expensive service, but I had no other choice. Again I had clearly printed the address with my ID customer number in big bold font. I told them explicitly how important that number was to get the boots in time. They screwed up again by forgetting to print the ID number on the package, and the boots sat in FL for many weeks.

After another quota of phone calls and emails, I finally got the boots today. Four and a half months later, the work RMR did on the boots seems very robust indeed. But the type of sole they used changed the overall look of them. Then I tried them on and... you guessed it... the boots don't fit well. Actually, to be fair one boot is Ok but the other is a few milimeters too short. Besides, the sole is so stiff, that they feel like two pieces of 2x4s.

After all the ordeal, I'll have to part with my favorite boots and find them a new owner...

Well, at least that's not as bad as throwing in them away in the first place...