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Reviews by StuMsg (2)

Cinch Belay Device popular Average Rating = 4.24/5 Average Rating : 4.24/5

In: Gear: Essential Equipment: Belay Devices & Descenders

5* excellently engineered piece of equipment. 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: StuMsg, 2011-05-08

The Trango Cinch is amazing in my opinion.
When top ropping at a gym with fat furry ropes it still lowers smoothly and easily. When leading it pays out almost as if there wasnt a device there and locks up quickly and reliably.
It looks awesome and the engineering behind it is impressive. However this device like all assisted devices can be misused, the Cinch is 'easier' to misuse than the grigri but then again every belay device can be misused just as easily.
I prefer the cinch over the grigri 2 any day despite the small learning curve required.
You can rap' with it!!! just need to single line it, even shows how to on the packaging.

Variable Controller Average Rating = 3.19/5 Average Rating : 3.19/5

In: Gear: Essential Equipment: Belay Devices & Descenders

ideal for gym 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: StuMsg, 2011-01-13

Owned it for 4 months now. Jittery when lowering a light person on fat, frayed ropes (gym ropes). Works great when lowering people that aren't too light.
Belaying a lead on my shiny new 10.2mm rope is no problem - no feeding required because of the nice and smooth belay finish .
not the best belay plate but I always carry it when climbing - its very light.
Great for the price.
Ideal for the gym.